August 11, 2012

ON THE STREET:1989 Dodge Omni

Where I live, The Land of Rust, these are rare. And this one was purchased in my town and presents itself in my local Shoprite parking lot with very little rust. I get the impression its owned by an elderly person, judging by the condition. The interior was fucking mint…

My mother had a 1990 Plymouth Horizon, which like all Plymouth’s is a shameless, direct re-badge of the Omni. She hated it, but apparently this owner loves their lil Dodge enough to keep it going. I wonder how many miles…

Location: Croton, NY

June 25, 2012

CARS MY PARENTS HAD PT 4: Late 80s Plymouth Horizon

In the early 90s, as a second car to my father’s short-lived Grand National (RIP), one of these lovely re-badged Dodge Omnis was purchased, (probably for about the same price one would spend to acquire a book of matches) and it was very short lived. Thankfully by the time I came out, it was replaced or I would’ve spitefully shit my diaper every time I got into that car seat…

Oh yeah my dad crashed totaled this one too. Nothing of value was lost.

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