February 22, 2013

I read a very positive review of the new Buick Verano on a blog today. Some people were commenting about the image of the brand in general. Being my favorite car marque, I responded…

I’m 21.
My great grand father, grandfather, father, mother and grandmother have all owned Buicks at one time or another, and they were all great cars. Hell, my great uncle, who I never met, supposedly drove ONLY Buicks for his entire life. My father crashed his Grand National slightly before I was born, (thanks, dad) but I grew up in an 89 Lesabre T Type. I loved that (very rare) car so much that I sought after one when I turned 16.

Currently I have a 93 Regal GS, the “sporty” trimmed coupe one, or at least as sporty as a ’93 Buick could get. Fantastic car. Eats through undersized GM brake pads like a motherfucker, but other than that I’ve put nearly 40k on it with little problems. Buick’s 3.8, regardless of which generation, is one of the finest motors ever. And its handsome as hell for a 90s GM product. A 20 year old friend of mine just got a 93 Riviera, which, the more I look at it, is a truly beautiful car even with 130k on the odo. I love Buicks dearly, even as a youngster. Once I got past my pubescent Fast and Furious/import tuner phase and got a license, I realized exactly what I love about Buicks…

Its not a Chevy, but its not a Cadillac. Its not Boy Racer-y like a Pontiac. It’s understated, smooth luxury (and in some cases, TURBO POWER!)

Buicks are always, give or take some missteps (Rendezvous), mistakes (killing off the Roadmaster), bad re-badges (the last 3 generations of Skylark), a tried and true symbol of American quality.

The way I think of a Buick is subtle yet refined. A stylish and stately brand of car for people who have nothing to prove because they know they’re getting quality. They don’t need a Cadillac, even though in some cases they could afford one.

Buick represents good old American QUALITY. Regardless of its ups and downs and negative marketing perceptions, the brand has always stood for reliability.

And in the year 2013, I’m very happy to see a new compact Buick that doesn’t stall at every stoplight like my dads 81 ‘Lark did…”

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